20 years of the Euro

José Aurélio

Most of us know where we were on January 1, 2002, when the euro replaced other national currencies in our daily lives. Although the euro began to circulate two decades ago, its history dates to the late 1960s. The name 'euro' was chosen in 1995, and the euro symbol was inspired by the Greek letter epsilon (ε) and the first letter of the word "Europe".

This commemorative coin, with a face value of 5 euros, was designed by the plastic artist José Aurélio and illustrates the various European communities that support the euro, as a strong currency, capable of competing with other currencies on the world market.

This single European currency reflects our economic coordination, but above all it reflects our common values and goals. Proof of this is the resilience that the euro has shown in the face of various crises, and which it will certainly continue to demonstrate for a long time to come.

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  • Reference:
  • Author:
    José Aurélio
  • Serie / Theme:
  • Facial Value:
    5,00 Euros
  • Launch Date:
    October of 2022
  • Metal:
    Copper níkel
  • Finish:
  • Weight:
    14,0 g
  • Diameter:
    30,00 mm
  • Emission Limit:
    30 000