Centenary of the Crossing of the South Atlantic (Proof)

José João de Brito

Departing Lisbon for Rio de Janeiro, the commander and pilot Sacadura Cabral and the navigator Gago Coutinho successfully carried out the first aerial crossing of the South Atlantic using innovative techniques. The Lusitânia seaplane depicted on this commemorative coin by sculptor José João de Brito evokes the spirit of adventure and ingenuity that has always taken the Portuguese further. A century later, may the feat of Gago Cutinho e Sacadura Cabral continue to take us to new heights.

Note: sale limit of 3 coins per customer during the first month.

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  • Author:
    José João de Brito
  • Serie / Theme:
    Moeda - Comemorações Europeias
  • Facial Value:
    2,00 Euros
  • Launch Date:
    March of 2022
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  • Weight:
    8,5 g
  • Diameter:
    25,75 mm
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