Queen Mary II coin (Normal)

Rui Vasquez

"The degolada is the last in the series of Numismatic Treasures that recreates five of the most beautiful examples of portuguese gold coins, for its significance, historical and economical importance and for its rarity. The name by which the coin came to be known (the “beheaded”) is a good way of describing its peculiar feature: contrary to the norm, only the head of the Queen is shown, not the entire bust. The Queen did not appreciate this daring and she ordered the suspension of the minting; this made a big contribution to the rarity of the degolada. The monetary system entered the decimal regime under Maria II of Portugal. A reforming monarch, it was during her reign that the Banco de Portugal was founded by the merger of the Banco de Lisboa and the Companhia Confiança Nacional."

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€5,00 ( / )
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  • Reference:
  • Author:
    Rui Vasquez
  • Serie / Theme:
    Série Tesouros Numismáticos
  • Facial Value:
    5,00 Euros
  • Launch Date:
    September of 2013
  • Metal:
  • Finish:
  • Weight:
    14,0 g
  • Diameter:
    30,00 mm
  • Emission Limit: