Annual Set 2022 (FDC)

Luc Luycx e Vitor Santos

In 2022, the Portuguese modernist movement was chosen as inspiration. This collective of irreverent artists found in literature and plastic arts luminous responses to the challenges of their time. Now, a century later, let us follow their example. Today, with 19 countries minting the same coin, we are all sturdier and we know that after the storm comes the calm. In 2022, Casa da Moeda wants to celebrate this optimistic outlook. May the "roaring 20s" of the past, filled with color, music, and movement, set the tone for the "visionary 20s" of the future!

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  • Reference:
  • Author:
    Luc Luycx e Vitor Santos
  • Serie / Theme:
    Séries Anuais
  • Facial Value:
  • Launch Date:
    February of 2022
  • Metal:
  • Finish:
    Flor de Cunho (FDC)
  • Weight:
    49,92 g
  • Diameter:
  • Emission Limit: