Commemoration Coin 2024

Luc Luycx e Vitor Santos

The Commemoration Coin, from the first series of coinage and chosen for its quality, is a € 1.00 coin. Like a 1st place medal, it reminds all who hold it in their hands of the victories proudly achieved, the goals reached, the challenges overcome, the mountains already climbed, the determination shown. It tells us that the future, just like its surface, will be bright. May this commemorative coin be the first of many!


  • B2C
€6,00 ( / )
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  • Reference:
  • Author:
    Luc Luycx e Vitor Santos
  • Serie / Theme:
    Emissões Especiais
  • Facial Value:
    1,00 Euro
  • Launch Date:
    February of 2024
  • Metal:
  • Finish:
    Flor de Cunho (FDC)
  • Weight:
    7,5 g
  • Diameter:
  • Emission Limit: