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Balinese Wayang Kulit Theatre

Ana Margarida Penedo e Sofia Campos Lopes

«The cut-out and articulated figures of the shadow puppet theatre of Indonesia from the Museu Nacional de Etnologia come from several different places of the main cultural contexts in which they are produced, Java and Bali. At first glance they appear to con-fuse due to their eluding resemblance and difficulty to identify singularities in their morphology. But the characters they represent revealed themselves with the studies conducted in the museum by Sofia Campos Lopes and Ana Margarida Penedo in different years, between 2006 and 2013. With the academic work produced came a bigger will to bring to the public the material and plastic expression of these objects and the ideas, values and narrative contents they communicate in the contexts where their performances are built. In this book the authors approach the wayang kulit of Bali focusing on two sets from two villages, resorting to the records which accompanied their entrance in the museum and, a part from the bibliography, personal contributions of researchers who have been working on this universe of shapes, as well as the collector himself, who was in the origin of the formation of this collection, Victor Bandeira.» IN Characters and Persons (PAGE 5).

Coedição com o Museu Nacional de Etnologia.

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    Ana Margarida Penedo e Sofia Campos Lopes
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    Fevereiro de 2014
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